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Monolithic resorcinol formaldehyde (RF) nanofoams are primarily used as the precursor for carbon nanofoams or when an organic, electrically insulating material is desired. The standard RF nanofoam is offered as a high density material of 0.6 g/cm and has a surface area of 600 m2/g. Researchers wanting to control the pyrolysis conditions (atmosphere, temperature, time, etc.) during the processing of a carbon nanofoam can begin with RF nanofoam. Low density material is also available.

Monolithic RF nanofoams are available as random pieces 0.2 to 2.0 cm in size. See our order form for prices. RF nanofoam sheets are formed by impregnating non-woven carbon paper with the RF gel. After processing, the resultant sheet is nominally 0.012" thick and has a density of 0.6 g/cm3. The overall sheet size is 3.5 x 10.

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