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CERAFLEX is a yttria stabilized, ultra thin, tough, flexible zirconia ceramic material in thin sheet form. CERAFLEX is manufactured under carefully controlled conditions using special Doktor blade technology. With this technology sheets as thin as 0.05 mm thick and as large as 200 x 200 mm square can be manufactured. (Larger sizes require thicker material) Standard thickness are 0.100, 0.200 & 0.500 mm thick (.004", .008" & .020").

CERAFLEX is available as either partially or fully stabilized material. For electronic substrates and other mechanical uses requiring high strength and fracture toughness, partially stabilized material containing 3 mole % yttria is recommeded. For use in solid oxide fuel cells, oxygen sensors, and applicaions requiring high oxygen ion conductivity, fully stabilized 8 mole % yttria is used. Both materials are available with fine via holes, grooves and as polished substrates.

Material Features


  • Highly elastic and flexible ceramic made by forming zirconia into sheets of 0.05 to 1.0 mm in thickness, and having heat, corrosion, and abrasion resistance
  • High hardness and fracture toughness - three times higher in bending strength, two or three times in fracture toughness than alumina
  • Good elasticity and high flexibility for materials 0.05 mm thick. Strips are capable of bending to a radius of 8mm
  • Excellent oxygen ionic conductivity at high temperatures, for uses as solidoxide fuel cell electrolyte and oxygen gas sensor
  • Offered in large size sheets.
Product Description 8 mole% yttria  
Formula ZrO2 with 8
mole % yttria
Standard Thickness 0.100 mm and
0.200 mm
(0.004" and 0.008")
Size Strips, sheets
and custom
shapes up to
200 mm square
Material Composition (wt.)

Y2O3 -13.79%
Al2O3 - 0.074%
SiO2 - 0.032%
Fe2O3 - 0.003%
MgO - 0.001%
Na2O - 0.035%

Density 5.85 g/cm3  
Flatness 50 µm/inch  
Surface Roughness (Ra) approx. 0.1µm  
Bending Strength (@ 25°C) 40 kgf/mm2  
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
9.5 x 10-6 / °C  
Thermal Conductivity (@ 25°C) 6.7 x 10-3 cal/cm·s· °C  


120 ohm-cm
30 ohm-cm
20 ohm-cm
10 ohm-cm
5 ohm-cm
8 mole% yttria

SOFC: Thin, fully stabilized zirconia electrolyte for maximum efficiency in planner solid oxide fuel cell assemblies

Oxygen sensor: Oxygen ion conductor
3 mole% yttria
Substrate: For thick film deposition of HTSC materials
Thin ceramic: Higher strength and more flexibility than other ceramics of comparable thickness.

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