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Tungsten Engineered Materials

Pure tungsten & tungsten alloys from 90 - 997%, copper/tungsten grades and other metals and alloys.

Marketech represents the Beijing Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (BAM), a world leader in sintered tungsten alloy parts. BAM uses the latest production technology to fabricate parts to near net size and several processes to produce high quality tungsten based materials. BAM has an annual capacity of 100 MT and produces a wide range of competitively priced tungsten products. BAM has earned the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate by the world famous British Standard Institution for excellence in quality and reliability.

Tungsten heavy alloys have very high melting point and have a density twice that of steel and are more than 50% heavier than lead. Due to their high density, tungsten alloys offer greater radiation shielding than lead and are non-toxic. Tungsten alloys are electrically and thermal conductive and offer good corrosion resistance. They also have a low coefficient of expansion and have a high modulus of elasticity. Because of these unique properties tungsten alloys are used extensively in military applications, balance weights, aircraft components, nuclear and medical shields, fishing and sport tackle, rocket components, tool vibration dampers, electrical contacts, etc.

We can offer tungsten alloys with tungsten contents ranging from 50 to 97% with a range of physical and mechanical properties as well as non-magnetic W-Ni-Cu. We also offer pure tungsten sheet and bar stock, tungsten-copper alloys, pure molybdenum, TZM, and molybdenum-lanthanum alloys.

We offer an impressive variety of shapes, sizes and weights, ranging from grams to over 200 kg, as blanks as well as finished parts. Primary applications for tungsten include:

  • Nuclear and medical radiation shielding for x-ray and shields for radiation therapy and industrial applications
  • Aircraft and helicopter rotor balance weights
  • Instrument balance weights
  • Weights for sport equipment
  • Tool damping cutter bars
  • High voltage contacts

Standard Tungsten Alloys and Size Capabilities


Available Sizes:
Bar stock: > 3 mm Dia. x 600 mm max
Sheets & Plate: > 0.3 mm thick X 60 x 180 mm
Balls: 2.5 mm
Cubes: > 2.5 mm

BAM Tungsten Properties (PDF)


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