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Marketech International, Inc. offers advanced materials and components from Aerogels (lightest substance) to tungsten (heaviest metal): electro chemical compounds, single crystals, fuel cell materials, superconductors, engineered ceramics, alumina ceramics, raw materials, nanophase powders, and sapphire.

Aerogel Materials Silica & Carbon Nanofoam Materials - Shapes, Powders, Electrodes, Insulation

ElectroChem Materials Batteries, Fuel Cells, Carbon Powders, High Purity Chemicals, Aero Electrodes

Engineered Ceramic Components Alumina Ceramics, Zirconia, Sapphire, Machinable Ceramics, AIN, SiC, SiN, Custom Machining, Brazing, Design Services

Superconductor Products Substrates, Powders, Current Leads, Monolithic Shapes

Optics & Single Crystals Wafers, Substrates, Optics, Laser rods, Scintillators, Semiconductors, Metals

Raw Materials Nanophase, Custom Phase Pure Oxides, High Purity Chemicals

Sapphire Materials Substrates for GaN, Windows, Optics, Machined Components

Tungsten and Refractory Metal Alloys Pure metal and alloys of Tungsten, WCu, Molybdenum, Copper Clad Moly, Tantalum, Zirconium, and Titanium, Nitinol memory metal, high purity targets, and MIM � Metal Injection Molded parts

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