Engineered Ceramics

CERAFLEX CERAFLEX is an ultra thin, 0.100, 0.200" & 0.500 thick (.004, .008" & .020"), tough and flexible zirconium ceramic material. It is available in sheets up to 200 mm square as well as ribbons and strips, partially or fully stabilized with Yttria. Applications include substrates for YBCO and electronic applications and SOFC electrolytes.
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A lightweight, ridge, and high strength kiln furniture that resists distortion and spauling, even when thermal cycled many times. With a unique textured surface that permits pin point contact with the load, sticking can be eliminated as well as providing a surface that breathes, allowing gasses from the ware to escape. Applications include firing ceramic capacitors, PZTs, hard and soft ferrites, co-fired substrates and powdered metals. Materials include a range of aluminas as well as zirconias.
NZP Machinable Ceramic NZP machinable ceramic are an engineered alkaline or alkaline earth zirconium phosphate material that are characterized by low thermal expansion and extremely good thermal shock resistance (can be water quenched from 1400° C). This material will maintain nearly 100% of its room temperature strength up to its use temperature of 1500° C.
Special Hot Press Grades of Ceramics
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We offer large size hot press aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride and other ceramic materials. Applications include etcher machines and dummy wafers.
Ceramic Substrates
Aluminum Nitride
Advanced ceramic material for high power hybrid semiconductor packaging where high thermal conductivity is required. AlN substrates have a thermal conductivity of 170 W/Mk and available in standard thicknesses in sizes up to 100 mm (4") square.
Silicon Carbide
SiC substrates are formed using a proprietary CVD process, are extremely uniform, 5Ns pure, and 100% dense.