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Finishing: Machining, Polishing, Metalizing, and Brazing

Probably the most important aspect of the machining, metallizing and brazing of engineered ceramics is the design of the part to match the application. Consulting with a Marketech engineer early in the design state will help to ensure that the part can be made in the most economical method.

Machining of Ceramics

Fired ceramics can be readily machined using a number of diamond grinding techniques. This includes flat and diameter surface grinding and lapping, drilling, cutting, threading, and milling. We can provide ground surfaces with tolerances as tight as 0.0001" (0.0025 mm). The cost of machining to tight tolerances can easily exceed the cost of the starting material. Often only part of the component needs the tightest tolerances. Marketech engineers can work with you to determine the most economical design for your requirements.

Metalizing of Ceramics

Ceramics parts have the capability to be metalized in custom designs to meet exacting tolerances for applications such as electronic parts, electrical feed throughs, windows, insulators, standoffs, just to name a few. These parts are commonly used in detector assemblies, microwave and hybrid packages, insulated I/O windows, electron guns, and custom instrumentation. The metallization is done at high temperatures so will be stable under most conditions of brazing and soldering. Once a base coat is applied, the metalized coating is then plated to meet customers needs.

Typical Ceramic Materials

Typical materials include alumina (92 - 99.6%), Sapphire and Aluminum Nitride. Other materials such as beryllium oxide, boron nitride, and silicon nitride are available.

Typical Plated Coatings (both electroless and electrolytic plating) include gold, silver, nickel, copper on tungsten, and moly-manganese.

Brazing of Ceramics

Once ceramics are metalized, Marketech can braze to a variety of metal parts. We are experts in ceramic to metal and metal to metal brazing.

We offer a full range of ceramic to metal brazing services including the active alloy process which is cost efficient when quick turn around is required. Typical ceramic materials which can be brazed include aluminum oxide, sapphire, beryllium oxide, YSZ, diamond, sapphire, silicon nitride, boron nitride, and aluminum nitride.

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Various Ceramic Brazes

Brazing has many advantages over welding and in most cases, the cost is very competitive with welding. Advantages include cosmetic appearance, cleanliness, and baked-out surfaces. We have capabilities for brazing assemblies with like or dissimilar metals. Typical metals include KOVAR, 42% Nickel-Iron, copper, stainless steel, Inconel, molybdenum, beryllium, titanium, tantalum, and nickel.

Careful consideration to geometry, matching of thermal expansion and metal type must be made. Consult a Marketech engineer for details or design recommendations.

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