Composite Materials

Sapphire Micro Fiber
Newly developed, our 2 x 5 micron cross section sapphire/Brinellium treated micro fibers are probably the strongest ceramic material made. Available in controlled lengths of 10 to 25 mm or longer, these micro fibers have an estimated strength of 6,000,000 psi and are flexible enough to bend over their own radius. Call us concerning the availability of woven threads and fabrics using this material. The Brinellium treatment alters the surface characteristics and allows wetting by most organic compounds, increasing the strength potential of composites.
Sapphire Micro Spheres
Sapphire micro spheres are available in several sizes down to 2 microns diameter. Spheres are either hollow or solid and have a narrow diameter range that permits optimum packing. The Brinellium treatment enhances the wettability and mixing of the spheres with most compounds.

The spheres are used as effective fillers in a single size fraction or along with micro fibers to form a bi-modal mixture. Even enhanced strengths can be obtained by using a tri-modal mixture consisting of two sphere sizes and micro fibers.

Filled Epoxies
Epoxies filled with these micro fibers and our other proprietary compounds have exhibited strengths of 135,000 psi. Our fillers are available for your custom compounding.
YAG and Mullite
Micro Fibers
Call for details and properties.
A range of fullerenes are available for prompt delivery. These include C60/C70 mixtures, carbon 60 with 95.5% purity and carbon 70 with 98% purity. Higher carbons available including C76, C78, and C84.

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