Fuel Cell Technology

Ultra-thin yttria stabilized zirconia is available in thicknesses of 0.100 mm (0.004") and 0.200 mm (0.008"). CERAFLEX is available in sheets, sizes up to 200 x 200 mm (8 x 8"), strips or tapes. For the ultimate in oxygen ion transfer, the material is fully stabilized with 8.0 mole % yttria. Partially stabilized material with 3.5% Y is also available. CERAFLEX can be machined into custom sizes with holes, notches, etc.
Electro Chemical
Perovskite Powders
Multi-component ceramic oxides are available in many standard and custom stoichiometric compounds for electrochemical applications including: Cathodes, Anodes and Interconnects.

Our compounds are derived from carefully controlled stoichiometric solutions of metal salts that permits mixing of the compounds on a molecular level. After processing through a patented spray pyrolysis process, the powder produced is homogeneous with a fine particle size.

Setter Tiles
REPTON Setter Tiles
See REPTON Setter Tile Parts List for details of materials and properties
For exact firing of fuel cell components, REPTON textured ceramics is a reliable, lightweight, high strength ceramic material that is available in a wide range of compounds. For sintering fuel cells, REPTON is used for its flat, non-reactive surface.

Several economical grades of zirconias or zirconia-coated alumina-mullite material are used for setter tiles. Sizes up to 330 x 330 mm (13 x 13 inches) and thicknesses from 1.3 to 5 mm are available. The material can be ordered with controlled densities containing from 0.5% to 70.0% porosity.

Special shapes and sizes with a variety of configurations are possible with REPTON.

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