Specialized Engineering, Manufacturing and Products

Ceramic Machining Services
Polishing - Epi + Optical
Dicing, Orientation
Marketech can provide machining and polishing of ceramics, crystals and optical devices for a wide range of advanced materials. We can provide the starting materials or we can machine our customers materials. We have access to some of the most up to date quality machining facilities to provide cost effective precision finished products.

Component Design and Fabrication
Through our own material engineering staff or through our network of material scientists, we can provide design solutions for your advanced material problems. Marketech can combine our advanced materials and design experience with our extensive high tech manufacturing network to take a project from concept, through design, building prototypes, and into final production.

High Temperature Enclosures and Custom
Designed Furnaces and Test Equipment
Hot hardness test furnaces
Gas pressure sintering furnaces

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