Superconductor Technology

Single Crystal Substrates
Strontium Titanate
Lanthanum Aluminate
Magnesium Oxide
Neodymium Gallate
Strontium Lanthanum Gallate
Strontium Lanthanum Aluminate
Calcium Neodymium Aluminate
Yttria Aluminate
Yttria Stabilized Zirconia
Zinc Oxide
Our substrates are guaranteed the highest quality and largest sizes available: surface finishes with RMS roughness of 10 - 15 Å and wafering accuracy of 0.5°. The maximum sizes available are: SrTiO3 - 50 mm, LaAlO3 - 3", MgO - 3", and YSZ - 4". Standard sizes are normally in stock and custom sizes are available within two weeks. Non standard and off angle orientation along with side orientations are available. The final cleaning and inspection takes place in a class 1000 clean room.
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SrTiO3, Sapphire, MgO and YSZ crystals are available in standard 10 x 10 x .5 mm sizes, polished one side and joined at standard angles of 24°.0 and 36.8°. Other angles and sizes are available.
Single Crystal Shapes
Strontium Titanate
Lanthanum Aluminate
Highest quality shapes of LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 available for building microwave devices as well as for wafering and polishing. Call or Fax for sizes and availability.
Single crystal
Single crystal YBCO is available up to 5 x 5mm.
Y/Ba/Cu Oxides
Bi/Sr/Ca/Cu Oxides
Bi,Pb,Sr/Cu Oxides
Ba/Cu Oxides
La,Sr/Cu Oxides
Nd/La/Cd Aluminates
Nd/Ga Oxides
We provide uniform, phase pure, low-carbon super-conductor materials. Most of our compounds are available in standard and custom-sized sputtering targets. Our proprietary processing techniques, that produce exact stoichiometric compounds, were developed to satisfy market demands for high quality at a reasonable cost.
BSSCO Powder - Bi:2223
This high grade powder is the starting material for manufacturing a number of bulk HtSC ceramic products, including sputtering targets for HtSC thin films. Applications include materials for tapes and wires, thick film paste, and plasma spray powders.

The primary phase of the material is Bi:2223 and conversion to nearlt 100% phase pure 2223 is accomplished during the final heat treatment. The material is available in two grades of crushed agglomerate and as a fine milled powder with bulk densities of 1.4 - 2.0 g/cm³. The standard stoichiometry is:


Other Materials
Special solders produced by ZerRes Corporation include #HIS and #BIE brands that produce reliable contacts and joints between any combination of bulk HTSC ceramics, NbTi/NbSn, and conventional conductor metals.

Ultra thin strips of Zirconia (0.1 and 0.2 mm thick) for deposition of HTSC materials.

A range of fullerenes are available for prompt delivery. These include C60/C70 mixtures, carbon 60 with 95.5% purity and carbon 70 with 98% purity. Higher carbons available including C76, C78, and C84.

Bulk Ceramic High Temperature Superconductor products
Special HtSC Shapes From Bi:2223
A special grade of nearly phase pure 2223 powder that can be formed into wires, discs, rods, tubes, rings, pots, and vessels. By processing according to well developed procedures, our material will offer improved properties, namely density, magnetic flux pinning and critical current. The critical current of this material is up to 108°K and can have a critical current of up to 4000 Amps/cm². At 60°K and Bex of 1 tesla, the critial current is still about 1000 Amps/cm².

Tubes for Current leads
HtSC Tubes for Superconducting current leads manufactured from Bi:2223 are available in a number of standard and custom sizes with current carrying capabilities of up to 1500 amps. Available in silvered ends for low contact resistance.

HtSC Magnetic Shielding Tubes
Closed and open end tubes for magnetic shielding of SQUIDs and other sensitive devices. Standard sizes have a large inner diameter with the geometric factor of magnetic shield i/d (inner length / diameter) that is higher than 5. Wall thicknesses are approximately 2mm (0.080") and have a shielding factor at 77 °K of more than 106. Shielding magnetic flux density (Bsh) at 77°K of 10mT typically is obtained, with better values obtainable to meet your exact needs.

Tubes for Current Limiters
These materials can be processed into tubes and other shapes for applications such as HtSC current limiters.

Complete High Temperature Superconducting Current Leads
High temperature superconducting power leads for connecting low temperature magnets can save 66% of the helium boil off or heat leak into the 4.2° K region. Standard unit current ranges from 100 to 250 amps. For amperage of 1000 - 5000+ amps, several standard units are bundled together. Leads are fabricated to meet your specifications for length and warm and cold end connections.

Thin Film High Temperature Superconducting Products

Our SQUIDs are based on YBCO high-Tc superconductors using SrTiO3 substrates and can operate at 77° K. The sensitivity of magnetometers using our SQUIDs are one or two orders of magnitude better than magnetometers using conventional technology.

Thin Films
YBCO and TBCCO thin films on LaAlO3 and sapphire up to 2" diameter. Specific devices are available.

Test and Production Equipment

Calibrated Carbon Resistor
Glass encapsulated for rugged and reliable performance, these resistors are precisely calibrated in the temperature ranges of: 0.01°K to 10°K and 1.6°K to 300°K. Applications include superconducting accelerators, MHD-generators, cryostats, and superconducting magnets.

Helium Liquefiers and
Self contained 4000 Series QUANTUMCOOLER is a fully automatic system designed to efficiently condense gaseous helium back into the liquid phase, available either as a liquefier or re-liquefier.

Squid Magnetometer System
A complete magnetometer system based on thin film High Tc superconductor RF SQUID sensor. The system includes complete electronics for the SQUID, magnetic shielding, cryostat, probe and sample holder. The complete system or any of its parts can be used for SQUID development or testing.

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