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Superconductivity Demonstration Kits

For educational purposes we prepare following low priced kits for schools. All the kits can be used as aids for teaching physics and other subjects.

CSDK 1 - Demonstration kit for Meissner effect
- Basic property of superconductors

Kit1 Meissner effect

Small rare earth magnet levitating above high temperature superconductor YBaCuO disk cooled by liquid nitrogen

CSDK 2 - Demonstration kit of strong levitation force
- Example of applicable superconductivity - demonstration of simple magnetic bearing
- Kit also includes aids for Meissner effect demonstration
Easy handling superconducting magnetic top of 0.1 kg levitating and flying above high temperature superconductor cooled by liquid nitrogen demonstrates strong forces between NdFeB permanent magnet and superconducting YBaCuO levitator
Kit2 Top Magnet


CSDK 4 - Demonstration superconducting current lead
Current lead Example of applicable superconductivity - current lead to superconducting magnets
The lead demostrates zero resistance of superconductors. It could be used for measuring AC/DC critical current and AC losses. External voltage taps allow easy handling and connecting to measuring devices. Critical current at 77 K (liquid nitrogen temperature) is about 60 A. Superconducting part is made of BiPbSrCaCuO superconductor (2223 phase), the critical temperature is 108 K. The case is a combination of glass and stainless steel.

- Parts made of BiPbSrCaCuO superconductor (critical temperature 108 K)

CSB -2/3/20 - superconducting bar with silver layer on both ends for an easy soldering the current and voltage leads (thickness 2 mm, width 3 mm, length 20 mm) - suitable as a sample for measuring the critical temperature and critical current

CST -10/10.2 - superconducting ring (ID 10 mm, length 10 mm, wall thickness 1 mm)

CST -15/15.2 - superconducting ring (ID 15 mm, length 15 mm, wall thickness 1.5 mm)
Other Demonstration Parts
The rings are suitable as samples for measuring shielding properties of superconductors and as superconducting parts of current limiters.

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