Single Crystal Mullite Whisker

Mullite whiskers are grown using a process known as atmospheric vapor transport method, or AVT. Seeded from a sol gel bed of crystals, whiskers with controlled cross section diameters of between 3 and 10 microns.

Whiskers are grown in block form for infiltration of metals, ceramics or resins. Blocks up to 6" diameter x 12" long are available and can be machined to near net size. Blocks can be separated into individual random whisker for addition to various matrix materials.

Mullite whiskers, unlike alumina, have no high temperature hysterisis. Whiskers can be treated with silane to improve adhesion.

Click here for photomicrograph of mullite whiskers. (This may take a moment to download.)

Composition: 2Al2O3�SiO2
Raw form: Orthorhombic straight whiskers
Cross Section: 3 to 10 microns
Length of Whisker 50 - 150 microns
Aspect Ratio: 5 - 15:1
Estimated Strength: up to 2100 kn/mm2 (3000 ksi) based on bend diameter
Block Size: 100 mm dia x 150 mm
Block Density: 10 to 60% solids

Last Updated on 5/20/98
By Jerry Spieckerman