Production and Test Equipment

Thermal Management Products
for Semi Conductors
Thermal Electric Coolers
ELECTROCOOL, thermal electric coolers based on Bismuth Telluride utilize translucent ceramic substrates offer superior cooling properties.
Silicon/Boron Nitride
Thermal Conductive Layers
Thin inter-layers dramatically increase heat transfer between IC packages and heat sinks.
High Temperature Superconducting Products
HTSc Current Leads
Helium Liquefiers
See Superconducting Technology
Test and Production Equipment
for a detailed description of these products.
Calibrated Carbon Resistor Thermometers
Glass encapsulated for rugged and reliable performance, these resistors are precisely calibrated in the temperature ranges of: 0.01°K to 10°K and 1.6°K to 300°K. Applications include superconducting accelerators, MHD-generators, cryostats, and superconducting magnets.
Scintillator Crystals and Detectors
y- and X-Ray Detector

BGU Scintillator with housing
The y- and X-ray photodiode scintillation detectors have a great variety of applications in X-ray technology and in the yy-ray control, direct and indirect dose rate measurements, structural analysis and spectral control of X-Ray sources. Two standard detectors cover the whole y-ray and X-ray energy range from 5 kev up to 1 MeV, with detection of higher energies also possible.

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