Engineered Ceramics & Materials

Marketech offers proprietary and custom engineered ceramic materials and tungsten products. To assist in the selection or design of these products, we offer over 30 years of materials engineering experience. Click below on the products of interest.

Engineered Ceramic Parts
Custom made from Alumina, Zirconia and Sapphire to exacting specifications

Refractory setter tiles used in the firing of SOFCs and electronic components.

Ultra thin zirconia ceramic sheet available from 0.003" (0.070 mm) for use in SOFCs and sensors, as substrates, and where very thin ceramics are required.

NZP Machinable Ceramic
A true ceramic with good thermal shock resistance that can be used as high as 1400oC and maintains nearly 100% of its strength at elevated temperatures.

Hot Pressed
Alumina, Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Nitride for the most severe applications.

Ceramics Substrates
AlN and CVD SiC for special electronic applications.

Blanks or custom parts machined and finished to exacting specifications.