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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Parts

Marketech's Metal Tech Group provides refractory metals, composites and special alloys for aerospace, oilfield, industrial, electronic, medical, and defense applications. We provide finished components, bar stock, sheet, tubes, wire, and rods of a wide range of compositions. For large production, we offer MIM, metal injection molding.

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MIM Processing

MIM is a fast growing manufacturing method that bridges the manufacturing gap that other metal working technologies and shaping processes cannot be fulfilled because of technology or cost. MIM can be a very cost effective method for producing large quantities of precision parts.

Powder Mixing A fine metal powder is blended with a binder system to produce a feedstock suitable for Injection molding. Injection Molding The feedstock is injected into molds similar to those used in conventional plastic injection molding.    
De-binding The molded "green" parts are immersed in a water bath to dissolve the majority of the binder, Nylon Bonded Products Such as bonded high-dendity and magnet products, etc.    
Sintering The "green" parts are sintered in a furnace at a high temperature. Finished Parts After sintering, the net shape components are ready without any secondary operation.

MIM Advantages

High Shape Complexity: MIM process can produce more complex parts than either investment casting or traditional press and sinter techniques.

Low Cost: Machining operations can be eliminated.

Tight Tolerances: Dimensions of parts produced with our feedstock can be held to +/- 0.001~0.002" per inch.

High Density: MIM parts produced with our feedstock will have density levels between 97.5-99.5%. These l levels typically exceed traditional press and sinter techniques.

High Performance: The tensile strengths, elongations and hardness are superior to traditional press and sinter techniques, and comparable to investment casting or machine components.

MIM Typical Materials      
  Material Group Alloy/Material Description  
  Tungsten Heavy Alloy W-Ni-Fe
High density (max 18.5g/cm3), small coefficient of expansion and large modulus of elasticity. It is extensively used in military equipments, balance weights, aircraft components, nuclear and medical shields, fishing and sport tackles etc.  
  Tungsten-Copper Alloys Tungsten-Copper Characterized by high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and high wear resistance combined with excellent electrical conductivity.  
  Stainless Steel Parts Stainless Steel Corrosion resistance. For dental drill components, watch bezel and watch band components, auto parts, etc.  
  Cermets Titanium Carbonitride High resistance to wear, corrosion and oxidation.  
  Carbide Tungsten Carbide High wear and shock resistance, high strength and hardness.  
  Controlled Expansion and Sealing Materials Nickel-Copper Uniform and low thermal expansion alloys.  
  Bonded High Density Products W-Nylon High density (up to the density of lead 11.0 g/cc) Unlike lead, these compounds are completely nontoxic. Replace lead for weighting, balancing and radiation shielding applications.  
  Soft Magnetic Materials Nickel-Iron High permeability, low loss magnetic alloys.


The technology excels at applications that require shape complexity and high final properties, such as high strength and density, excellent magnetic permeability, high temperature strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity in applications that cannot be fulfilled by plastics or light metal alloys. MIM Applications include the following:

  Microelectronic packaging
  Automotive sensors and actuators
  Hand tools and Hardware
  Computer heat dissipation devices
  Oil well drilling tools
  Golf club heads
  Electrical connectors and switches
  Biomedical implants
  Aerospace and engine fuel components


We can supply high quality MIM parts at competitive prices. Our production capability is 100 Ton/year or 15 Ton/month. Quantities of 20,000 pieces or more per order or shipment will fit MIM processing.

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