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Marketech offers the widest range of products for the high temperature superconductor field. These range from basic HTSc raw materials, substrates, powders, targets, as well as finished parts that include current leads, shields, tubes, and thin films.

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  High temperature superconducting power leads for connecting low temperature magnets with current ranges from 100 to 1500 amps.
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  Our substrates are guaranteed the highest quality and largest sizes available: surface finishes with RMS roughness of 10 - 15 Å and wafering accuracy of 0.5°. The maximum sizes available are: SrTiO3 - 50 mm, LaAlO3 - 3", MgO - 3", and YSZ - 4". Standard sizes are normally in stock and custom sizes are available within two weeks. Non standard and off angle orientation along with side orientations are available. The final cleaning and inspection takes place in a class 1000 clean room.

  We provide uniform, phase pure, low-carbon super-conductor materials. Most of our compounds are available in standard and custom-sized sputtering targets. Our proprietary processing techniques, that produce exact stoichiometric compounds, were developed to satisfy market demands for high quality at a reasonable cost.

Superconductor Products

Special HtSC Shapes from Bi:2223
  A special grade of nearly phase pure 2223 powder that can be formed into wires, discs, rods, tubes, rings, pots, and vessels. By processing according to well developed procedures, our material will offer improved properties, namely density, magnetic flux pinning and critical current. The critical current of this material is up to 108° and can have a critical current of up to 4000 Amps/cm. At 60° and Bex of 1 tesla, the critical current is still about 1000 Amps/cm".
HtSC Magnetic Shielding Tubes
  Closed and open end tubes for magnetic shielding of SQUIDs and other sensitive devices. Standard sizes have a large inner diameter with the geometric factor of magnetic shield i/d (inner length / diameter) that is higher than 5. Wall thicknesses are approximately 2mm (0.080") and have a shielding factor at 77° of more than 106°. Shielding magnetic flux density (Bsh) at 77° of 10mT typically is obtained, with better values obtainable to meet your exact needs.
Tubes for Current Limiters
  These materials can be processed into tubes and other shapes for applications such as HtSC current limiters.
  HtSC Tubes for Superconducting current leads manufactured from Bi:2223 are available in a number of standard and custom sizes with current carrying capabilities of up to 1500 amps. Available in silvered ends for low contact resistance.

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