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Single crystal sapphire

Single crystal sapphire has a unique combination of physical, chemical and optical properties allowing it to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, thermal shock, and water or sand erosion. It is chemically inert, with a low friction coefficient, and excellent electrical, optical, and dielectric characteristics. In addition, its radiation resistance makes it an excellent material for use in optical windows for space applications.

Marketech provides sapphire substrates, optics, windows and engineered ceramics in either standard sizes or custom created for your application.


Table of General Sapphire Properties
Grades of Sapphire
Blue LED Substrates
Sapphire Wafer Carriers



Sapphire has a hexagonal/rhombohedral structure and a number of properties are dependant on the orientation of the crystal. For epitaxial growth of films, different orientations will offer a range of lattice constants to match the epi material.


  • C-plane sapphire substrates are used to grow III-V and II-VI compounds such as GaN for blue LED and laser diodes. In addition, it is useful for infrared detector applications.
  • A-plane sapphire substrates provide a uniform dielectric constant and high insulation for hybrid microelectronic applications. High Tc superconductors can be grown with a-plane Sapphire substrates.
  • R-plane sapphire substrates are used for the hetero-epitaxial deposition of silicon for microelectronic IC applications. Sapphire is an excellent choice for hybrid substrates such as microwave IC's because of its high dielectric constant. In addition, when filmed with an epitaxial silicon process, high speed IC and pressure transducers can be created. Growing thallium, other superconducting components, high impedance resistors, and GaAs are other applications.

Sapphire Substrates for Blue LEDs

High purity optical grade, epi-ready wafers for blue LED applications are available. See table for standard specifications. Please call for pricing and availability of custom specifications.

Compare sapphire with other substrates:

Optics and Windows

We offer sapphire windows and sapphire optics - up to 8" diameter and as small as a few millimeters. We can provide various A/R coatings as needed.

Engineered Ceramics

Because of its unique properties, sapphire is often machined into precision shapes for instruments and high temperature applications. Sapphire can be bonded to alumina or sapphire as well as other metal parts using glassy or non glassy fritz; or it can be metalized and brazed into metal holders.

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