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Refractory Metals - Composites -Special Alloys - Ceramics -Tungsten - Titanium



Marketech offers powders and materials for several specialty niche applications as well as a range of more generally used products. Below you will find several of these listed. We use our extensive world wide contacts to supply the most advanced and latest cutting edge materials for both research and production.

Click on the type of material listed, or contact us directly if the material you are seeking is not listed.

Nanophase Powders Si 3N 4, SiC, Al 2O 3, SiO 2, and more.     
Phase Pure Oxides For fuel cells, piezoceramics, ferroelectrics, and other electronic and ceramic applications.     
Citripure Pure 10% Aqueous Citric Acid.     
Ultra Pure Alumina Several Grades to 99.999%. Call or e-mail Marketech International for details. 

Please select "Fabrication Group" for more information on our custom capabilities. Can't find the material you are looking for on our site? Please select "Product Sourcing".

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