Electrochemical Products

Marketech offers a range of products specifically developed for research and production of electrochemical devices. Click on any of the following to go directly to the catalog information:

  • Aerogel Materials
  • Single Crystal Wafer Substrates
  • Fuel Cell Materials
  • Engineered Ceramics for Fabrication of Devices
  • Battery Materials

  • Aerogel Materials

    Carbon Aerogel Powder and Paper Electrodes

    Electrically conductive carbon aerogels are available in monoliths, thin films, powders, and paper form. They composed of covalently bonded nanometer-sized particles that are arranged in a 3- dimensional network and have porosities over 50% with pore size less than 100 nanometers and surface areas from 400 to 1000 meters per gram.

    Applications include electrodes for supercapacitors, with power densities to 4000 watts/kg, for use in electronics and energy storage devices, and capacitive deionization cells for removal of heavy metal ions. Other potential applications include electrodes for fuel cells, nobel metal catalyst support, media for gas separation and storage, to mention a few.

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    Single Crystal Wafer Substrates

    III-V Semiconductor Materials

    Marketech offers the most advanced AIIIBV semiconducting materials with high purity, structure perfection and quality standards. These materials include: GaAs, InP, GaP, InAs, GaSb and InSb and are available as undoped, doped and with a range of carefully controlled electrical characteristics. Click here for more detailed information on these materials.

    MOCVD Services

    Through our partner, a recognized laboratory with the latest equipment, we can offer III-V epi layers on a range of substrates. Contact our sales office for more details.

    GDMS Analysis Service

    Marketech offers chemical analysis by glow discharge mass spectrometry techniques. Our associate's laboratory has been rated one of the highest in Europe in round robin testing and is approved by major US and European companies. Contact our sales office for pricing.

    Other semiconductor, oxide, halide, and metal crystals

    Marketech offer over 130 different types of crystals, the largest availability in the world. Click here for a complete list of crystals.

    Fuel Cell Materials

    Oxide Powders

    Marketech offers a range of compounds for solid oxide fuel cells. These include both standard and custom compounded materials using solid state solution techniques to obtain phase pure materials. More common materials supplied include oxides of:

    Cerium Gadolinium
    Lanthanum Chromites
    Lanthanum Cobalt
    Lanthanum Calcium Manganese
    Lanthanum Strontium Manganese
    Lanthanum Strontium Iron Cobalt
    Lanthanum Strontium Gallium Magnesium
    Stabilized Zirconia

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    Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Electrolyte

    Marketech offers CERAFLEX, a proprietary stabilized zirconium oxide in thin sheet form. CERAFLEX has been widely used for planner SOFCs and is available in thickness of 0.07 to 0.50 mm and in sheet size up to 200 x 200 mm. CERAFLEX is custom made to meet each applications specific need for size, shape and thickness.

    Engineered Ceramics for Fabrication of Devices

    REPTON Setter Tiles

    REPTON setter tiles are available in a wide range of compositions for the firing of fuel cells and other devices. REPTON are available as sheets of ceramics as thin as 0.050" and sizes up to 13 x 13". They are widely used for firing SOFCs, capacitors, and electronic parts. REPTON is available with its characteristic textured skin or with a smooth surface and in a range of porosities, depending on specific needs of the application.

    Click here for detailed information about REPTON compositions and properties

    Engineered Ceramics

    Marketech offer a complete range of other alumina, zirconia and special ceramic materials for use in both the fabrication of devices or as components used in building devices. Click here for information on our complete ceramic line of products.

    Battery Materials

    Nickel - Hydride Battery Alloy Powder

    Our supplier employs the state of the art vacuum melting technology to produce high quality AB5 type alloy powder for batteries and hydrogen storage devices. Each step of the process is controlled to insure consistent quality. Our Nickel Hydride powder features higher energy capacity, lower platform pressure of hydrogen absorption and excellent circle life and is used by many rechargeable battery manufactures.

    Nickel Foam Electrodes

    Nickel foam material for battery electrodes are available in several porosities, pore sizes and thicknesses.

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    Lithium Sputtering Targets

    Marketech offers Li-P-O, Li-Sr-Co-O powders and sputtering targets for special thin film batteries. Custom compounds of other formulations are also available. Contact our sales office for details on availability.