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Marketech provides both metal and ceramic machined components for a variety of industries to companies worldwide. Our fully equipped on-site machine shop has earned the reputation for its ability to manufacture complex high-tolerance machined components.  We take on what other traditional shops are afraid to touch.  We specialize in machining explosive bonded materials and exotic metals such as titanium, tungsten alloys, tantalum, TZM, molybdenum, beryllium and hastelloy, outside of the regular aluminum, brass, copper, steels and various plastics such as nylon, acetels and polycarbonates. Capabilities include prototype machining, as well as large production runs, assemblies and metal fabrication services.


To service our customers in the ceramic industry, we have built a worldwide global network of suppliers to offer more buying power at affordable prices for machined ceramic components.  Our sophisticated and comprehensive supplier network is carefully selected based upon a number of quality standards we set forth.  Our long standing partnerships with both US and international companies allow us to offer our customers a wide variety of services and technical expertise.  Working with ceramic materials since 1989, Marketech's sales staff can provide you with the technical expertise offering advice on choice of materials, optimizing your design to match ceramic processing and product requirements.


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