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Tungsten and W-Alloys

Tungsten, Tungsten Alloy, and Tungsten Product Resources

Pure Tungsten Marketech offers Pure tungsten sheet, rod, bar stock and crucibles.
Standard Tungsten Machinable Grades (PDF) Machinable tungsten is available in standard and non-magnetic grades from 50 to 97% W, with a range of properties uniquely tailored for specific applications in the aerospace, electronics, and medical fields.
Tungsten-Copper Overview Tungsten-Copper is a high-performance composite that is especially well-suited for electric and electrical/thermal applications.
Tungsten-Copper Thermal Applications Tungsten-Copper high performance composites are fabricated from carefully controlled, porous tungsten that is vacuum-infiltrated with molten copper. This results in a W-Cu composite with high conductivity and a matched low thermal expansion for heat sink applications.
Tungsten-Copper Electrical Contacts Our copper infiltrated tungsten composite combines the refractory and long-lasting, wear-resistant properties of tungsten with the high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper.
Machining Capabilities of Tungsten Alloys With our extensive experience working with all grades of tungsten and tungsten-copper composites, we can offer an economical solution for finished components in all sizes and quantities.
Machining Guidelines for Tungsten (PDF) Machinable tungsten can be fabricated using standard machine shop equipment and knowledge.
tungsweb.jpg Tungsten, Tungsten Alloy, and Tungsten Product Applications
  • Nuclear and medical radiation shielding for x-ray
  • Shields for radiation therapy and industrial applications
  • Aircraft and helicopter rotor balance weights
  • Instrument balance weight
  • Weights for sport equipment

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