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Export Compliance


Marketech employees are knowledgeable about exporting regulations and work closely with our customers and supply chain to assure that all shipments are fully documented for proper clearance within their destination country.  Marketech uses AES Direct to electronically file your export documents with the U.S. Census Bureau’s Automated Export System. 

In some cases, the materials or components we sell internationally may require an export license set forth by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and U.S. Department of Commerce regulations. Authorization to export is determined by the transaction: what the item is, where it is going, who will receive it and what it will be used for. Marketech uses the BIS911 form to obtain necessary information.

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It is the policy of Marketech International, Inc. to comply with all U.S. Government export control laws and regulations.  Marketech makes every effort through on-going education and training to insure that employees will not conduct transactions contrary to U.S. export regulations. 


In support of national security, U.S. and global efforts to fight the battle against terrorism, Marketech International, Inc. makes every effort to fully comply with all laws and regulations governing the export of products, services, software and technical data.

Marketech International understands that special care must be taken to prevent any transaction with entities involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and prohibited activities involving missile, nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.  Marketech’s management team and employees recognize that some of the commercial products sold by the company could be diverted to military use by enemies of the United States. 

Marketech employees with export responsibilities are required to have a working knowledge of export control laws and regulations, especially those governing their specific job functions, as well as, working knowledge of company export control policies and procedures. 

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