Electro Optic

Electro Optical Crystals

BGO - Bi4Ge3O12

BGO is a novel scintillation crystal, widely used as a scintillator for x-ray computerized tomography (XCT), positron CT (PCT), electromagnetic shower calorimeter and oil well logging. BGO features high stopping power and high photo peak efficiency, is non-hygroscopic, has low after glow, and is easy to machine to any size required. Boules up to 76 mm dia. 150 mm long. Also available BiGeO20piezoelectric crystal.

BSO - Bi12SiO20

BSO has properties of piezoelectric, photoconductive, electro-optic crystals. Applications include image amplifiers, matrix inversion, beam combining, to mention a few. BSO is available for modulator applications, 50 mm diameter and 100 mm long

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