Laser Crystals

Laser Crystals

GGG Doped

Available 8.00 mm dia. x 800 mm long for high efficiency lasing, polished and coated.


(PDF table of fiber optic crystal properties of this crystal)
Large grain, a wider Nd absorption peak, lower threshold, and polarized output make


An excellent crystal for the high power, stable and cost-effective diode laser pumped solid state lasers used in communication, laser printing, laser disk, medicine and many other applications.


Available 8.00 mm dia. x 120 mm long for 1079 - 1340 nm CW lasing, polished and coated.


Available 3.00 mm dia. x 12 mm long for 1053 nm lasing, polished and coated.

Ti:Sapphire - Ti:Al2O3

High figure of merit, partially or fully Ti doped sapphire laser crystals for tunable lasers. Boules of single crystal metals are available in a variety of materials and alloys in the sizes shown below. Crystals are also available in a range of shapes and sizes cut to any crystallographic orientation using spark erosion machining to minimize strain damage. Wafers and shapes can be polished.

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