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Aerogel and Nanofoams


Marketech offers a complete line of standard silica, organic and carbon aerogels.  Standard aerogel products that are available from stock include monoliths, ingots, random pieces, powders and composite papers. 


Stock aerogels are derived from the sol-gel polymerization of selected silica or resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) monomers in solution. The sol-gel solution is cast into the desired shape and after the formation of a highly cross-linked gel, the solvent is removed from the pores of the gel. The remaining rigid monolithic shape consists of covalently bonded, nanometer-sized particles that are arranged in a 3-dimensional network. Precursor RF gels can be applied to a fine carbon felt which is carbonized to form carbon nanofoam electrodes.

A common feature of all aerogels and nanofoams are their open, ultra small inter connected pores with a size of <100nm (0.100 nm). This open cell structure provides access to the entire surface area for reaction/deposition of materials as either gas or ions in solution.

The physical properties of aerogels are controlled by the density and microstructure of the gel. The surface area per gram, along with strength resistivity, are generally inversely related to density.  Our standard aerogels have the optium densities and properties for most applications.  Special production runs, where the density and other properties are tailored for specific need are quoted on request.

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