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Battery Materials

Nickel-Hydride Battery Alloy Powder

State of the art vacuum melting technology is used to produce high quality AB5 type alloy powder for batteries and hydrogen storage devices.  Each step of the process is controlled to insure consistent quality.  Our Nickel Hydride powder features higher energy capacity, lower platform pressure of hydrogen absorption and excellent circle life and is used by many rechargeable battery manufactures.

Nickel Foam Electerodes

Nickel foam material for battery electrodes are available in several porosities, pore size and thicknesses.  Click here for more information.

Lithium Sputtering Targets

Marketech offers Li-P-O, Li-Sr-Co-O powders and sputtering targets for special thin film batteries.  Custom compounds of other formulations are also available.  Contact our sales office for details on availability.

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