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Zirconium and Zr-Alloys


Atomic Symbol:  Zr

Atomic Number:  40

Melting Point: 3371°F/1855 °C

Density:  6.49 g/cm3


Marketech International, Inc. is a premium supplier of zirconium and Zr-Alloys.  We supply only the highest quality refractory metals and alloys at competitive pricing.  All material sold is certifiable and supplied to customer specifications.  Our materials are used across the globe for aerospace, defense, medical, energy, electronic, industrial and commercial applications.

Partnering with our extensive network of global supplier, we sell all forms of zirconium and Zr-Alloys in a wide range of compositions.  Marketech specializes in the machining of zirconium and other refractory metals.  Please visit the machining section of our website to learn about our capabilities and services offered.

CONTACT US Our sales staff offers superior customer service and technical expertise, offering hard-to-find materials at competitive pricing.

 Wires Rods 

High Quality Zr Metal (wt%)

Impurities (max)
Zr HF O Ni,Mn Ca,Cr Fe Be Cu Ti,Mo,AI,Pb,N Si,C Li,B,Cd
>99.75 0.05 0.05 .001 each 0.02 each 0.03 .0001 0.003 0.005 each 0.008 each 0.002 each

Typical Composition of Zr-alloys (wt %)

Type Zr Ti Ni
Zr-Ti 34.75 - 35.25 64.75 - 65.25 -
Zr-Ni 70 - 30
Ni-Zr 30 - 70

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