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Electrochemical Products


Marketech offers a range of materials specifically developed for research and production of electrochemical applications and devices. Just click on the materials and you will find more details on these products.

Single Crystal Wafer Substrates Marketech offers over 130 different types of crystals, the largest availability in the world.

SOFC Oxide Powders Standard and custom oxide compounds, zirconia electrolytes, and anode materials.

Machined Ceramics for Fabrication of Devices Alumina and Zirconia Ceramics - Insulation materials.

Zirconia Electrolytes Ultra thin yttria stabilized zirconia both fired and unfired green sheets for SOFC's.

Nickel Foam Battery Grade Nickel Foam 1 - 3 mm thick.

Carbon Nanofoam Electrically conductive carbon nanofoams are a new material with many of the properties of traditional aerogel material.

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