Beryllium Oxide


Beryllium Oxide (BeO)


Beryllium oxide (BeO), is also commonly referred to as beryllia.  It is produced as a white amorphous powder and sintered into larger shapes.  Impurities like carbon, trapped with the crystals can give a variety of colors to this material. Sintered BeO is a very stable ceramic and is used in a variety of applications where both high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity is needed.  Electrical isolation is equal to that of alumina and the best electrical insulators.  A 20% lower dielectric constant than alumina and aluminum nitride offers advantages in the high-frequency field.  BeO ceramic is utilized for its proven superior properties and its cost effectiveness unmatched by aluminum nitride, aluminum oxide, boron nitride, silicon carbide or any ceramic.

Applications for Beryllium Oxide

Electronic:  Due to its high thermal conductivity and good electrical resistivity, BeO is used as an electronic substrate to give an effective heat sink.  This material is found in high power devices or high density electronic circuits for high speed computers.

Microwave Communication Systems and Microwave Ovens: Since BeO is transparent to microwaves, it may be used as windows, radomes and antennas for microwave communication systems and microwave ovens.

Medical Applications:  Gas lasers for DNA and tissue analysis, portable defibrillators, blood glucose meters for diabetics.

Military, Nuclear and Aerospace Applications:  BeO has specific nuclear properties, which make it attractive for nuclear applications, low neutron capture cross section and high neutron moderating ability.  It is used in rocket motor components, radar and guidance modules, gyroscopes and armour.

Energy:  Oil and gas exploration, power amplifiers and drivers, x-ray analysis for down-hole drilling, CPV systems, transmitters, receivers, modulators and switches.

Lasers:  Long range fiber optic transmission, high end diodes for commercial systems, industrial laser metal cutting and marking equipment

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