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Precision engineered high temperature-resistant oil field equipment

Marketech International Inc. provides quality ceramic pump valves, plungers, pump liners and oilfield spare parts.


Ceramic Sleeves


Ceramic Plungers


Specific property of complete SIC plunger and plunger sleeve:

It can be applied widely to be oil field pump plunger within oilfield application and improve the service life of plunger greatly, so it is a kind of high quality plunger material, for it has outstanding performance such as wear ability, anti-corrosion, and high temperature-resistant.

The scope of production capacity for SIC plunger:

  • Length: <800mm
  • Outside diameter: <300mm
  • The thickness of pipe wall: 5 - 10mm
  • Surface roughness: above Ra0.8

We can also make them in zirconia material. 


The Special Ceramic Liner for Mud Pump:

It is made of Silicon Carbide or Intensify Toughness Alumina material which is authorized by some Chinese and American companies. Based on the advantages such as HRA90, super grinding resistance and less coefficient of linear expansion etc. The working life will be around 3000 - 5000 hours and is several more times than Dual Metal Liner under normal working condition.


Special Ceramic Pump Valve:

The Special Ceramic Pump Valve, with high temperature-resistance and anticorrosion, can replace common pump valve. Also with drippy structure and guiding device, the Special Ceramic Pump Valve can be shut down quickly with excellent sealing security and guiding fit exactly; the flow gate is 1.4 times as common pump valve, it increases complete pump barrel filling and working life a lot. 


High temperature-resistant & anticorrosive Ceramic Sucker Rod Pump for Steam Drive Well:

The Ceramic Sucker Rod Pump, assembled togetherwith special heat-resistant & anticorrosive alloy steel pump cartridge and anticorrosive& high temperature-resistant ceramic plunger, can resist high temperature working condition of more than 300°C and also possesses the advantages such as anticorrosion, non-forming encrustation and long working life.


High temperature-resistant & anticorrosive Ceramic Plunger for Steam Drive Well:

Due to the function of composite shock absorption device, the Ceramic Plunger can bring the buffing powder of 30000Pa. Some other technical indexes are:

  • Resisting high temperature of 350°C, HRA90Bending Strength 1.5MPa
  • Coefficient of heat expansion 6.5 X 10-6/°C
  • Surface Roughness Ra0.5

It is not corroded by acid under the well, therefore, the working life of the Ceramic Plunger is several times more than common metal plunger.


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