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Tungsten-Copper high performance composites for electrical applications are made from carefully controlled porous tungsten that is vacuum infiltrated with molten copper. This provides a superior electrical contact material that combines the refractory, long lasting wear resistant properties of tungsten with the high thermal and electrical conductivity of copper.

Alloys and Properties

Type Density (g/c3) HB (MPa) Electrical Conductivity(% IACS) Form
WCu10 16.8-17.2 > 2550 > 27 Rods, Bars
WCu20 15.2-15.6 > 2160 > 34
WCu25 14.5-15.0 > 1940 > 38
WCu30 13.8-14.4 > 1720 > 42

Electric Application

High Voltage Arc Contacts, Vacuum Contacts, Electrodes for Resistant Welding and Spark Erosion, Leaders for Steel Rolling, Dies for Casting, Balance Weights, Rocket Parts.

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